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Jiro Matsumoto


Balance and composure - Separation


Don’t want your approval, don’t want your respect 
You think I’ll kiss your ass? Here’s a reality check. 
They’re all lining up to worship you but I’m out of step 
I’d rather have a noose around my fucking neck 
My fucking world doesn’t revolve around you 
I won’t break my back to praise the things that you do 
Live your fucking life and I’ll live mine 
I won’t change myself to please you, that’s a waste of my time 
Social fucking politics, it’s not what I’m about 
I’m not eating that shit up so quit dishing it out 
I swear I’ll never like you, so save your fucking breath 
I’d rather have a noose around my mother fucking neck.


In my head you dance like curtains in the wind.